About CAST
Carolina Archive of Storytelling, CAST, was created by 6 friends who love Columbia and the stories that live here. CAST wants to collect, preserve, and showcase amazing stories you otherwise wouldn’t get to hear.
Carolina Archive of Storytelling is a 501(c)(3) educational & cultural nonprofit operated out of a communal house in Cottontown, Columbia and remotely from Shenzhen, China
Our vision is to see Columbia connected through stories – preserved, told, and heard.
Carolina Archive of Storytelling’s (CAST) mission is to create an inclusive storytelling environment for the people of Columbia. Through telling stories in multiple artistic disciplines, CAST hopes to make permanent the histories of the people who live here and, by doing so, foster connection among the residents of our city. CAST’s goal is to empower individuals to effectively share their stories and to charge both storytellers and listeners to gain a sense of collectivity and carry it throughout the city we call home.

About YOU

You are important to CAST – we exist for you! 
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Amanda lived in Columbia for 8 years before taking a 2 year break in Madison, Wisconsin. Those 2 years, although lovely, reaffirmed her love of Columbia and desire to make it her permanent home. She graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Public Relations, recently had the incredible experience of co-coordinating Madison Storytellers, and is currently working on identifying birds by sound.
Josh moved to Columbia from Florence, SC, to pursue storytelling through USC. He is known for his inability to form complete spoken sentences and his attraction to board games. In his spare time, he helps the geniuses behind CAST run technical support & offer ideas that people politely nod during. His favorite Spielberg movie is Duel.
Katie has grown up all over the world but can safely say there is something special about Columbia. She now teaches art at an international school in China but loves to remain engaged with SC by helping with design for CAST. She spends her spare time making up songs to sing to her four month old baby and wishing she could be on the show Survivor if it meant only making friends and playing those awesome games.
Trey was born and raised in South Carolina where he had the fortune to be on and around Columbia stages. There he saw people finding ways to express their stories, creating a voice so unique and special,  that Trey said, “That’s super neat. I’ll have some of that, please”. When he is not voicing all manner of menagerie for children’s shows in China or working with his best buddies on CAST, Trey pretends that he and his daughter are astronauts.
Samantha lives in Columbia, SC, but her stomach still thinks it lives in Texas. She is like a brilliant Denzel Washington in Remember the Titans, except the players are Model UN geniuses. Undefeated geniuses. Sam is the best at explaining funny internet videos, can write a better paper than you, and doesn’t like blueberries.
Phil has not submitted his bio yet, but he still got an avatar. Seems fishy.