A Live Event from Carolina Archive of Storytelling.


:::I Can Explain::: A Live Storytelling Event from Carolina Archive of Storytelling.

We all have moments, days, or even entire relationships that still feel foggy. Perhaps you were a child and took the fall for a friend, or in your teens you did something unsavory but with the best intentions, or mabye just last week you failed at keeping a secret from that one person you swore not to tell.

Come tell us your tales of confusion, mistaken identity, and intentions gone awry.

We have some storytellers ready but need your story, too! At the event, put your name in the hat for a chance to share a story related, however loosely, to the theme.

After we’ve heard all the records set straight, the audience will vote for “Crowd Favorite,” who takes home a $50 War Mouth gift card!

Rules: Stories should be true from your life, 10 minutes or less, and told without notes.

Free admission!

Free admission!

Want a guaranteed storytelling spot at the event? Email us to discuss.